Assos Equipe RSR Superleger S9 Bib Shorts - Black

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by Assos

The ASSOS Equipe RSR Superleger bib shorts are the lightest and most breathable ever created. Designed specifically for full-throttle racing and indoor/outdoor training, the SUPERLÉGER 120-gram Bib Shorts are part of the S9 platform and are made with super lightweight fabrics for unmatched stability and maximum breathability. Not only has the weight been reduced, but comfort and support has also increased during the hottest race days and full-speed indoor training sessions. Reduced the number of seams and replaced the current fabrics with super light and more breathable materials, to further reduce chafing and keep the leg muscles fresh for a long time.

  • Built on the S9 raceFit platform, these shorts feature the A-Lock Engineering system to provide maximum stability and keep the pad in place while you pedal. This is combined with rollBar shoulder straps, a modified ergoBox system and a unique butterfly-shaped panel which, during intense efforts, ensure friction-free comfort and stability with every shift of body weight in the saddle.
  • ZeroWaist technology: belt with raw-cut reinforced taped edge, which guarantees there is no chafing between fabric and skin. Greater comfort with less pressure.
  • technology UltraLight Leg Grippers anti-slip system: very thin silicone application, which keeps the shorts in place without exerting excessive pressure.
  • RS SUPERLÉGER Insert technology: the evolution of the EQUIPE RS pad, optimized to further reduce sweat and eliminate grams.
  • SuperAir microShock foam technology: ultra-light open-cell foam, capable of cushioning blows and quickly restoring its original thickness, following the shift in body weight every time you change position in the saddle.
  • 3D waffle technology: patented three-layer perforated foam, which increases breathability and eliminates excess weight.
  • GoldenGate technology: patented technology that avoids sewing the seat pad to the shorts laterally, offering more three-dimensional freedom of movement in this delicate part subject to rotational movements.
  • WhirlKrater technology: ASSOS' patented system of holes strategically positioned throughout the pad to increase air circulation.
  • Sundeck Superlight technology: the evolution of the patented kuKuPenthouse structure, which creates a pre-formed panel on the front of the pad, designed to keep everything as dry as possible.
  • Color: Black (BlackSeries).