Assos Mille GTO Bib Shorts - Gold

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by Assos

The GTO shorts by Assos represent the best of the total comfort MILLE GT line. They are the heirs of the CENTO and Campionissimo shorts, designed and manufactured with the multi-density pad, the most reactive ever created by Assos so far. Assos engineers are well aware that lack of support from large muscles, friction and excessive pressure are the main enemies of long rides. That's why they designed and created the GTO shorts: a real revolution on the conventional construction of bib shorts. Assos has created recessed seams on the back and a completely new shaped pad to eliminate rubbing and pressure in the genital area. Cut and fabric provide unparalleled muscle support, with an impeccable fit, close to the body thanks to the crease-free construction at the legs. We advise you to wear the GTO bib shorts for longer rides and if you want to optimize your Layering System, combine them with the Skin Layer and jersey most suitable for the contingent weather conditions, to obtain maximum thermoregulation and stay dry from head to toe.

  • OXIDIA: The main fabric of these shorts, offers the ideal balance between chafe-free comfort and muscle support. The warp-knit fabric is made up of very fine polyamide and elastomer yarns, to guarantee breathability and compression of the muscles, enveloping the lower back and thighs with pleasant softness against the skin. The front panel is made with LOSANGA, a new fabric developed by ASSOS to eliminate pressure on sensitive areas.
  • Construction/Fit: RollBar technology and butterfly panel have been used for the straps and leg panels to ensure stability. Each leg panel is enhanced with louvreTec construction, with specific stitching on the outer thighs, to provide a custom, compressive seal. GTO is available in two different leg lengths: STANDARD VERSION and LONG VERSION (3 cm longer than the standard version).
  • MILLE GTO C2 pad: created with the proven goldenGate technology, i.e. free from side seams, and with the necessary recessed seams for friction-free comfort. For the front, Assos has used the new super light sunDeck, heir to the iconic kukuPenthouse: a super soft fabric on the skin, foam-free, cupped to support the anatomical shape of the man, guaranteeing maximum ventilation. Furthermore, this pad is equipped with the twin21 System consisting of three different layers:
  • MICROSHOCK: The base of the pad consists of an ultra-light foam with a thickness of 11 millimeters and a highly shock-absorbing composition.
  • FILTERFOAM: Between the microShock layer and the 3D waffle, a low-density matrix foam with a thickness of 10 millimeters has been inserted to completely absorb micro-vibrations. The open cell structure allows the elimination of excess sweat.
  • 3D WAFFLE: A patented, perforated, three-layer foam has been used against the skin, which increases breathability and reduces excess weight.
  • Krater Cooler: a system with small holes in the front of the pad to increase the passage of air so that the most delicate areas remain cool.
  • Golden Gate: a patented technology that interrupts the seams along both side components of the pad, offering a more three-dimensional freedom of movement in this delicate part subject to rotational movements.
  • ZeroWaist: A raw-edge, taped and reinforced edge waistband that offers the best possible transition between the body and the fabric panel: more comfort with less pressure.
  • SkinGrip finish: raw cut edge with a very thin silicone application, which keeps the shorts in place without exerting excessive pressure.
  • SuperFlat Xbib: A single section of stretch material, folded back on itself, forming a supportive X-structure, which generates limited vertical stretch in the rear.
  • Colour: Golden flame.