Sidi MTB Drako 2 SRS Matt Shoes

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by Sidi

It is a Made in Italy PU Microfiber material that we can define as eco-friendly leather with a high technological and innovative content, suitable for technical-sports products that require high performance levels. MICROFIBRA TECHPRO has characteristics of resistance, stability, lightness, water repellency and eco-compatibility. TECHPRO MICROFIBRE is subjected to Hydro treatment to reduce the degree of water absorption and anti-mould, to exclude the formation of mold and bacteria. TECHPRO MICROFIBRE is Oeko-Tex certified, it does not contain harmful substances and complies with legal limits.

It is a strap positioned on the instep, shaped, soft and anatomical coupled with a soft material for greater comfort. It distributes pressure evenly on the instep and adjusts on both sides to have a perfectly centered position of the strap depending on whether the instep is low or high. The system eliminates the need to use a spacer. SOFT INSTEP is replaceable.

The central mechanism, SINGLE TECNO 3 PUSH, creates a perfect balance of tension between the inside and outside of the shoe. The symmetrical closure guarantees an excellent closure adapting to any type of instep. An innovative button added to the rotor, when pressed, raises the lever so as to facilitate adjustment.

The TECNO-3 PUSH mechanism allows you to close the shoe along its entire length, adapting the upper to the shape of the foot and thus obtaining a personalized fit. The reliable, completely replaceable SIDI closure systems have been improved thanks to a new type of cable, which allows for quick adjustment with extreme ease. Like most mechanisms used by Sidi, the TECNO-3 PUSH lever is robust and replaceable. It can also be adjusted while running by means of an innovative button by pressing which the lever is raised, so as to facilitate adjustment.

The heel adjustment mechanism reinforces the spoiler and improves the fit by allowing the rear part of the shoe to be closed more securely by tightening the heel so that it does not come off during pedaling efforts. Each side of the heel can be adjusted independently for the perfect fit. For a customized adjustment, turn the screw towards the + sign to tighten the mechanism and towards the – sign to loosen it. Lightweight, easy to use and replaceable.

The heel is reinforced to avoid deformation after prolonged efforts and pressures.

Anti-slip rubber insert to protect the tip from accidental impact or debris.

The MTB SRS CARBON-GROUND sole raises the standard of mountain bike performance, reducing the weight of about 100 grams per pair compared to the previous carbon sole of the Dragon SRS model, without compromising strength and durability. The MTB SRS CARBON-GROUND sole is made with replaceable inserts on the toe and heel, fixed to a pure carbon sole. Furthermore, it is equipped with an innovative replaceable plate, designed to prevent damage to the sole caused by contact with the pedal. For most MTB pedals (such as Crankbrothers and LOOK) it is recommended to use a reinforcing plate between the cleat and the shoe, in order to prevent scratching the sole. The MTB plate integrated in the sole can be replaced in case of wear caused by the pedal, therefore the addition of the weight of an additional reinforcement plate is optional. The Ground SRS inserts and the MTB plate are easily removable and replaceable. The MTB SRS CARBON-GROUND sole can be used with crampons attached to the toe.