Specialized S-Works Torch Shoes - Deep Marine

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Type: street shoes
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The S-Works Torch represents the latest evolution in the field of the most successful footwear in cycling. Using Body Geometry, biomimicry, data science and craftsmanship, we've designed a shoe that's built so carefully you'll forget you're wearing it.

Leveraging the science of data, we have perfected every detail of the upper of the S-Works Torch for a better fit and unmatched performance. The BOA® cable is shifted down and angled, preventing forefoot lift. This evolution negates the need for a velcro strap, while providing a structure that improves power and eliminating unwanted pressure or pinching. Adaptive materials allow natural foot movement where needed for added comfort, while data-based zonal reinforcement keeps the foot bandaged for crisp power output and optimum efficiency.

Guided by over 100,000 foot scans of our RETÜL data, we recognized that both a standard and a wide sole would best suit the entire spectrum of human foot shapes. An internal reinforcement adds stiffness and strength. The result is a weight reduction of 20 grams, greater efficiency and immediate power transfer.

Still based on RETÜL data, we assessed that more space was needed to accommodate the Achilles tendon in order to increase comfort. We solved the problem by creating an asymmetrical heel seat that offered more space while maintaining a great connection. So we made sure to maintain optimal knee alignment and increased comfort.

The S-Works Torch have been scientifically made to disappear at your feet.

  • The new upper has reinforcements where it is needed, and at the same time is so flexible that it 'disappears' from your feet.
  • Based on Retül data collected with foot scans, we designed a 4mm wider sole than the S-Works 7 model.
  • We have optimized the shape of the carbon sole by adding a reinforcement and eliminating the accumulation of unnecessary material around the perimeter. The result is a weight reduction of 20 grams, greater efficiency and immediate power transfer.
  • Thanks to Retül data, with the updated last we accommodate cyclists' feet better, with a snug fit.
  • An asymmetrical heel cup supports the medial and allows for material removal from the sides and the use of a lower collar.
  • The change in the BOA® cable improves grip, while reducing the pressure on the anterior ligaments of the ankle.
  • BOA® S3-Snap Fit system with independent micro-adjustment, with Boa® guarantee.
  • The titanium threaded bushes can be reversed to move the cleat further back up to 5mm. Predisposition for all major pedals with three screw cleats.
  • Non-slip and easily replaceable rear cleat.
  • *** Important for wide sole version *** The new sole is 4mm wider than a standard sole (8mm wider than the S-Works 7).