Specialized S-Works Torch Shoes - Team White

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The S-Works Torch represent the latest evolution in the field of the most successful cycling footwear. Using Body Geometry, biomimicry, data science and craftsmanship, a shoe has been designed so carefully constructed that you'll forget you're wearing it.


  • The new upper features reinforcements where needed, and at the same time is so flexible that it 'disappears' from your feet.
  • Based on Retül data collected with foot scans, a sole 4mm wider than the S-Works 7 model was designed.
  • The shape of the carbon sole has been optimized by adding a reinforcement and eliminating the accumulation of unnecessary material around the perimeter. The result is a 20 gram weight reduction, increased efficiency and immediate power transfer.
  • Thanks to Retül data, with the updated shape, this shoe better accommodates the feet of cyclists, with a snug fit.
  • An asymmetrical heel cup supports the medial and allows for material removal from the sides and the use of a lower collar.
  • The change to the BOA® cable improves hold, while at the same time reducing pressure on the anterior ankle ligaments.
  • BOA® S3-Snap Fit system with independent micro-adjustment, with Boa® guarantee.
  • The threaded titanium bushings can be reversed to further set back the cleat up to 5mm. Ready for all major three-bolt cleat pedals.
  • Non-slip and easily replaceable rear cleat.
  • Real weight (EU 40): 209 g.