Prologo Dimension Tirox saddle - Red

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by Prologo
Type: selle

Prologo Dimension Tirox saddle, the name Dimension embodies the importance of the project itself: to create an innovative product in terms of design, dimensions, comfort and performance. Comfort, Performance, lightness and prevention of pelvic problems are its strengths. The saddle has a short nose (3 / 3.5 cm shorter than traditional saddles) to eliminate any type of contact and pressure in the frontal area, especially in the phase of maximum thrust. The design and dimensions are completely new and revolutionary (shorter and wider than a traditional saddle): 245X143mm with a weight of 149gr in the nack version. Ergonomic, light and anti-prostate saddle suitable for super demanding customers who are looking for the best. Width increased to 143mm helps distribute the athlete's weight over a wider surface, ensuring greater comfort for a long time. The PAS channel that runs along the saddle reduces contact and compression of soft tissues and tendons, thus eliminating numbness and preventing the onset of prostate-related pathologies.

  • Measurements: 245 x 143 mm ..
  • Weight: 179 gr.
  • Forks: Tirox 7 mm.
  • Cover: Microfiber.
  • Padding: Light Foam.
  • Color: Red / Brown.