Prologo Proxim W650 Tirox saddle - Black

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by Prologo
Type: selle
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“We want to create an innovative saddle for e-bikes. Amaze us. "
With these few words, Prologue has launched a design challenge at the Polytechnic University of Milan. More precisely, it has launched this challenge at Polifactory, a multidisciplinary research laboratory that brings together young and brilliant minds. A 360 ° work started with an in-depth market analysis to get to know the sector, the target and the competition in depth, then trying to transfer all this information in the creation of the best product that the market can offer.
Multi - Sector System: this system provides different mapped and separate areas on the saddle each made up of different interactive foams and padding with a single separate cell. The “islands” work autonomously, adapting to all the positions that the cyclist can take while pedaling.
The shape: 251mm long and 145mm wide with a half-round shape. Laterally the saddle, thanks to the Multi - Sector System, is more flexible allowing greater freedom of movement and favoring a double action of support and containment in the pedaling phase.
Optimized tip and PAS discharge channel: Optimized size and shape: support surface increased by 3 mm, with an inclination of 30 ° and with flexible structure. W650 also makes use of the PAS technology, drain channel, able to reduce soft tissue compression and numbness in the prostate area, favoring blood flow in the pelvic area.
Back cover and new body: The material of the back cover has been studied and designed to increase the grip action ensuring performance in all weather conditions. The Proxim W650 monocoque hull has been specially designed to accommodate the new Multi - Sector System, in fact it is more concave at the rear to allow complete support and adaptation of the foams even in the points where less pressure is applied; in this way the whole session is not only supported but is supported in every single movement
Rear handle and reflective graphics: The saddle is equipped with a rear "handle" to facilitate movement of the bicycle as well as graphics with reflective materials to improve safety.

  • Measurements (mm): 251 x 145.
  • Weight (gr): 218 g.
  • Tracks: Tirox 7 mm.
  • Cover: Microfiber + Grip.
  • Padding: Light Foam.