Selle Italia Novus Evo Boost Gravel TM Superflow L3 Saddle - Grey

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Type: selle
SKU: si080ebsfgtmlg

Selle Italia Novus Evo Boost Superflow L3 saddle, wavy shape to help give greater stability in the saddle and better support to the ischial bones, even for long periods of time. Superflow central hole to better discharge the pressure from the perineal area and increase the feeling of comfort. The Kit Carbonio version has a 10 mm longer rail for greater excursion in saddle adjustment.

  • Fibra-Tek.
  • Superflows.
  • Waved shape.
  • Weight: 242g.
  • Frame: Manganese Tube Ø7 mm.
  • Dimensions: 145x245mm.
  • Category: performances.