Specialized S-Works Power Mirror 143 saddle

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Type: selle
SKU: 27120-8503
The S-Works Power saddle with Mirror technology reflects you perfectly. With new levels of comfort and performance we project the Body Geometry concept into the future. The latest new introduction in terms of saddle materials was decades ago, with the use of expanded foam. To create the next generation of saddles we had to look beyond and develop new ideas. S-Works Power with Mirror technology represents the future. We have developed the Mirror technology through 3D printing with a liquid polymer and with the aim of 'mirroring' the anatomy. The revolutionary procedure consists of a honeycomb structure that facilitates a fine adjustment of density, which is impossible with expanded foam. The patent pending result is a matrix of 14,000 posts and 7799 nodes, each of them individually adjustable. Combined with our lightweight S-Works Power with programmed flex carbon fiber hull and super light springs you get a saddle engineered for top performance. It includes all cornerstones of Body Geometry technology to ensure comfort in every position.
  • Patented Body Geometry, medical tests carried out in the laboratory to verify the correct blood flow
  • With the Mirror technology, through the 3D printing of liquid polymers, a unique honeycomb structure is created, which provides correct support to the ischial tuberosities.
  • FACT ™ carbon fiber shell built for support and flexibility.
  • Oversized FACT ™ carbon fiber springs. SWAT ™ compatible saddle base.
  • SWAT ™ device compatibility
  • Please note: 7x9mm oversize springs are not compatible with side opening seat post clamps designed for 7mm round springs.
  • Indicative weight 143mm - 190G
  • Indicative weight 155mm - 194g