Specialized S-Works Pathfinder 2Bliss Ready 700x42

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SKU: 00022-4451
It is no secret that the Pathfinder is the most successful tire in gravel. Now we have made it even more performing. The new 42mm S-Works Pathfinder is lighter and more efficient, with the traction and durability required by gravel. It's more than a shortcut to the finish, it's the fastest way to give your bike a lively and enjoyable ride.
  • 120 TPI casing
  • Foldable headband
  • 2Bliss Ready
  • GRIPTON® T5 / T7 compound
  • GRID RACE and BlackBelt puncture protection
  • 700x42, psi 35-65, indicative weight 435 g
  • On the road, gravel or compact off-road.
  • The GRIPTON® T5 / T7 compound, thanks to the double density, is smooth, and at the same time provides the traction you need.
  • The GRID RACE casing with BlackBelt is light, flexible and strong.