Var Tools Bleed Kit - for DOT Oil

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by Var
SKU: VAFR31100

The VAR brake bleeder kit presented in a case allows you to carry out maintenance on the hydraulic disc brake system. It is compatible with mineral oil and DOT brake fluid.

Includes 2 syringes of 30 mL, 2 complete fittings for each diameter M4 / M5 / M6 (each fitting includes the threaded piece and its seal, the hose, the anti-reflux closure clip and the adapter for the syringe), 1 hydraulic hose for Shimano brakes, 3 fittings to screw into the end of the syringe for Shimano and Magura levers, 2 spare seals for the syringe and 1 syringe holder to be fixed to the frame