Assos GT Spider Bag C2 backpack

by Assos
SKU: P13.94.916.18

A backpack with a small volume and weatherproof, equipped with spacious compartments and useful for every ride. Now revisited by increasing its capacity to 3.5 L, reducing its weight and using the new AIRBLOCK.888 waterproof membrane.

Inside the product : The latest model of the iconic Spider Bag backpack features additional compartments and a big news: weight. The flat bleed braces are similar to those of Assos performance equipment, but are reinforced along the entire length and at the anchor points for greater security and strength. The straps are enriched with labels that act as stabilizers, in which to store the temples of the glasses if you wear a standard helmet which often, unlike racing helmets, has no space to store them. The main fabric has also been renewed with the new weatherproof AIRBLOCK.888 membrane, a 3-layer waterproof shell that protects the load carried.

Technology overview

The peculiarities

Featured Fabrics : The new AIRBLOCK.888 three-layer membrane envelops the transported load in a waterproof protective shell. A panel of the new Spacer airMesh3D promotes breathability in the area between the back and the backpack.


  • Zippered Pockets : Unlike the previous model equipped with only one pocket, the new version has three zipped pockets to use as storage.
  • Tablet Sleeve : A compartment that provides additional safety and protection for small electronic devices such as a tablet.
  • Reflective : Reflective details on the straps increase visibility in the saddle when riding in low light conditions.

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